Why do you need to optimize your profile?

Over the past few years searching for jobs has changed significantly. The traditional way of applying for vacant positions online can be time consuming and ineffective. Recruiters and headhunters are always looking for people to fill vacant positions with people that have a specific background. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will allow recruiters and headhunters to find you more easily.
LinkedIn Optimization

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

When building your LinkedIn profile there are many things to consider. Whether you are actively seeking job opportunities, looking for a job discreetly or just want to optimize your profile; it is important to have an updated LinkedIn profile that is relevant and engageable to recruiters viewing your profile. As a business professional each individual can be seen as their own brand. Based on your work history, education, image, and your profile you have to mark yourself as an ideal package for ideal hiring companies.

As a recruiting agency and talent acquisition firm, Jackson Square Company is constantly asked by candidates about tips on how to find suitable employment in this digital age. Since recruiters are always out there looking for specific candidates, displaying information in your profile is an important step. All you have to do is go into settings and make sure your profile is set to accessible as opposed to private in order for recruiters to be able to view your profile.

Here are 5 tips about how you can optimize your personal branding on LinkedIn.

Create a strong first impression

The first thing the viewer sees for any profile is the picture, name, and headline. For a profile picture, you don’t necessarily need to have a professional picture taken. As long as your image is of good quality with a subtle background it should be fine. The headline of your profile should include your job title, something specific about your position (e.g. industry, or target market) and you can also add something short to personalize the headline to be more appealing.

Write an appealing summary

Under your profile image and headline, there is an area dedicated to summarizing work experience, goals, past achievements and more. This area allows the user to be creative and include content that will inform and appeal to its reader. Depending on the industry and image you are portraying online, your summary can vary in length from one paragraph to a long detailed description of your current work. This is also a great place to add media such as interviews, data or other content that you have created.

Profile categories and keywords

Similar to Google, LinkedIn also has SEO (search engine optimization) for keywords for categorizing profiles. Your headline, job title, work experience and activity are all places that you can include keywords that would be relevant for people searching for someone with your expertise on LinkedIn. For more information about how to increase your views on LinkedIn using SEO click here.

Detailed work experience

The work experience section should be similar to the resume and have matching dates. Here it is important to provide enough details about each position that explains your responsibilities and highlight the biggest accomplishments during the time worked in that position.


Indicate that you’re open to opportunities

LinkedIn has a great feature that allows users to publicly indicate that they are open to new opportunities. This allows recruiters, headhunters and potential employers to access your profile much easier. Use this link to learn more about how to indicate you are open to opportunities on LinkedIn.


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If you are considering opportunities and start utilizing these tips, this will increase the number of people that view your profile and help your chances of finding a dream job.

If you are looking for a position feel free to browse our Job Portal and apply to any position that is relevant.

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Jackson Square Company can help you find top sales talent for your company. Identifying if each candidate that we interview possess all or some of these traits will allow us to provide the best candidates for our clients.


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