What is PMA?

Positive Mental Attitude
February 4, 2020

Can staying positive at work really make a difference?

Staying positive within a work environment can not only improve your work experience but it can also directly increase your production.
Positive Mental Attitude which is also known as PMA is a concept introduced in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. PMA is categorized as positive psychology. It is considered an internal focus of control that influences external factors. Research has shown that through emotional intelligence training and positive psychology therapy one’s attitudes and perceptions can be modified to improve their personal and professional life.

PMA is a strong key to your success as a salesman in any industry. Every salesman will experience bad times where performance is not as good as usual. When someone hangs up on you or closed the door in your face the negative energy you feel will roll over to the next prospect. It is very easy to get discouraged although staying positive is vital because the next client you speak with, will hear it in your voice.

Here are some ways to improve your PMA

1 Avoid Negativity – Whether it is a person or something that is always bringing negative energy if you learn how to avoid the negativity find a way to keep yourself optimistic and productive.

2 Develop Positive Habits – Healthy personal habits can range from personal things such as health and family to professional habits such as high efficiency and product knowledge. If you are consistent about replacing bad habits with new ones, positive habits will later become second nature to you.

3 Surround Yourself with Positivity – Spend more time with people in your life that are positive and encouraging. Positive and negative energy are both contagious, surrounding yourself with positivity will increase your chances of staying positive yourself.

4 Picture the End Goal – Always keep in mind the reason why you are trying to accomplish your sales targets. This tip can be taken literally, you can have a picture of your dream car or the beach with your dream home or your family to remind you every moment.

5 Don’t overwork yourself – Some individuals that are set on achieving specific target overwork themselves and the work ends up becoming obsessive and not taking a break until they are finished. It is so important to take a break periodically because the human brain can be overworked

6 How Can I > Why Can’t I – Instead of always asking yourself “why can’t I?” think to yourself “how can I?” This takes you out of the victim mentality and puts you in a productive mindset. It’s focusing on finding the solutions that will help you overcome the obstacles.

“Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success” – Charles F Glassman

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