Top 10 sales traits

Oct 17th, 2019

Learn the traits that will make you a leader in your industry!

Whether you are new to sales and want to know what it takes or you are a veteran and you are looking to refine your skills these are the top 10 sales traits that will help you become a top performer in your company. Taking action and getting outside your comfort zone is important for growth. Mastering these following traits will lead to greater production and more success in the workplace.


The first key to a top sales performer is simply being confident. Having a confident personality is the foundation of a strong salesman. In order to transfer your certainty about a product/ service to a client, you must show that that you are not only confident in yourself but also what you are selling.


It is safe to say that being ambitious is the primary reason why most top performers achieve the best results. Having a strong desire to achieve goals is not within every salesman. A part of being ambitious is being competitive and striving to become the best in your industry.


Every sales manager talks about following up with your client for a good reason. In most industries sales are not made on the first or even the second attempt. Studies show that “50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact” which talks about the importance of following up with the client. For more helpful statistics visit zety.


The ability to adapt to different situations and prospects will allow you to present yourself in different ways. The salesman should be in control and be able to direct the conversation and find the right time to make transitions. Many times in sales one may want to mirror the prospect which is also a big part of being adaptable.


Everyone in sales will eventually experience a time when their production declines due to exterior factors. When a sales professional experiences a sales slump their mindset defines their future value. A large part of sales as we know is psychology, from both the prospect and the sales professional.

Good Listener

Being a good listener will allow a salesman to analyze where to direct the conversation. Many times a buyer will indicate what is more important to them. This allows the salesman to focus on that and elaborate on the most desirable benefits.

Product Knowledge

Understanding everything about your product/ service will allow you to answer questions easily without having to research. Having the right product knowledge gives you more confidence in what you are selling and avoids any uncertainty the prospect may sense. Paying full attention to the client when they are speaking will reveal their wants and needs.


Every action you take should inform the client that you are looking for their best intentions. Being honest is arguably the most important attribute to have in sales. When it comes to returning customers and retaining clients, they will remember how they were treated when working with your company.

Communication Skills

Having proper communication skills is vital to the sales process. Top tier salesman need to speak clear, confident, empathetic, genuine and knowledgable while not coming off as someone who knows everything. Being a good listener is a big part of having the proper communication skills so remember to give the prospect the opportunity to reveal their needs.


Being thorough is most crucial, especially when it comes to managing your leads portfolio. Follow up with clients and be on time for meetings, being a reliable source of information will eventually boost your sales. Continue to master your craft and absorb all the information about what your selling so you can transfer your certain to the prospect.

Developing these 10 traits will undoubtedly improve your sales results. Our research is done on a worldwide scale in different countries in different industries. The list applies to any industry and all of these traits can also be improved. Each individual has certain things they are good at and understanding where they can make improvements will allow them to address it head-on. We hope this information is helpful to you. If you are interested in working with use please review the information below.

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